Bow Maker’s Plane SOLD OUT


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This bow maker’s plane is a simple and effective tool with an elegant design. It has a sleek and compact body for a highly controlled cut. The slightly rough body surface is for maximum grip and the rounded back makes it comfortable to push while working.

A 14mm wide by 3mm thick, M-2 speed steel blade occupies the full width of the 1mm throat opening, permitting clean, accurate cuts. A brass thumb screw lets you set the blade to make fine depth-of-cut adjustments and to prevent blade corners from leaving ridges in the work.

At 63mm long by 18.5mm wide, and weighing just over 120 grams (4 oz), this is truly a pochette plane.

It is a beautiful, high-quality tool, and a fine gift for any woodworker.

Made in the USA.

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