Violin Bows

As one of today's premier bow makers, Rodney D. Mohr has won many awards in international competitions making his bows readily sought after by professional musicians and fine bow collectors.  

His attention to detail, from wood selection to graduation and camber, give Rodney D. Mohr's bows a unique combination of balance, strength and responsiveness.

All bows are made of the finest materials available today.  Our bows do not hang around for long, so do not hesitate to call for availability and an in home trial. The bows pictured below are just samples of his violin bows and come in many models, like Eury, Henry, Peccatte, Tourte, Sartory, Maire, etc.  Violin bows starting at $6,500.

Violin Bows 


violin bow 919

Sartory Model


violin bow 921

Tourte Model


More models available to meet your needs.  Please check out how to Audition a Bow today!