Frequently Asked

Providing You with Clarification

If you have questions regarding your Rodney D. Mohr Bow, please see our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you're still having trouble, we'd be happy to help you. 


Having coverage on your bow is a route we strongly encourage. This is an investment that needs to be covered should the unthinkable happen. We recommend Heritage Insurance for the finest musical instrument insurance available. 

What should I do if I break my bow?

Accidents happen to the best of us. Don't feel bad if something happens to your bow, but do follow these steps to ensure you get the most out of your bow coverage. 

1. Contact us before you contact your insurance company.

Let them know that you are sending the bow back to the maker for evaluation. Be sure not to send them your bow in exchange for monetary compensation. A new stick can be made easily for the frog and button costing the insurance company far less and helping you to retain your bow's full market value.

2.  Send us your bow right away.

This allows our staff to assess the damage. The faster we receive your damaged bow, the faster you'll receive your new bow. 

3.  Send us your insurance information and a contact name.

As an owner of a Rodney D. Mohr bow, you have options available to you. We would be glad to discuss these with your insurance provider or send them a written statement free of charge.

4. Get free benefits. 

Once you receive your new stick, take advantage of your free benefits by requesting an updated appraisal every three-five years. 


Do you take payments over the phone? 

No, but we can send you a SquareUp invoice so that you can use your favorite credit card.

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • Discover

  • American Express

SquareUp is available at any shop location.  We also accept checks by mail. Checks should be made out to Mohr & Mohr and mailed to 513 Center Street, Ashland, OH 44805.

Do I have to pay before you ship my bow back? 

If this is your first time doing business with us, we do ask that you pay before return shipment is made. Otherwise, feel free to send us a check or pay your invoice online at your earliest convenience. 

Rehairing Questions

Can I use the hair I purchased from a dealer for a rehair?

Although this is an option for you as a musician, we would like to emphasize that the price of rehairing will not lessen due to the fact that the majority of the cost is derived from labor. 

Our rehairing services are highly accredited and praised for quality. We are unable to promise this to you if we are using hair purchased from another source. 

How often should I get my bow rehaired?

Our experts recommend a rehair once a year at least. Professional musicians should consider getting their bows rehaired more frequently. If you are unsure we would be happy to provide guidance. 

How often should I rosin my bow?

Your Rodney D. Mohr bow does not need to be rosined more than a few times a week. If you are playing for several hours a day, your bow may require more frequent application of rosin. Too much rosin will prevent the hair from gripping the string.

Again, if you are uncertain about this process, we are available to help you!

Why are all the hairs breaking in the middle?

This deals more with playing technique and performing repertoire with lots of double and triple-stops, rather than the quality of the rehair. Often the hairs get pinched between the stick and string causing them to break. 

If you feel as though your bow needs rehairing, please contact us and we will be happy to provide this service. We use the finest quality hair available.

Sending Bows By Mail

Can I mail my bow to you for a rehair or repair?

We are no longer accepting rehairs by mail.  You can contact Katherine A. Mohr at for rehairs by mail. 

Please contact us and get a firm response before sending your bow by mail for repair services. 

If we agree that we can take your bow by mail, please follow our Shipping Instructions. DO NOT ship your bow in a paper tube - this could lead to additional damage to the bow, and ultimately breakage.

We value your equipment as much as you do and would hate to see anything happen to it while en route to us!

Storing Instruments & Bows

Where should I store my grandfather's instrument and bow if no one is going to use it?

Avoid storing an instrument in a basement or attic. These tend to be places where moisture and/or extreme heat can destroy family treasures. This is not just an instrument for you to cherish, it's a memory. Storing the instrument in a climate-controlled environment where nothing will damage the instrument is your best bet. If you are comfortable so is your instrument. Think about storing it in your bedroom closed or living room.

We also suggest hanging them on the wall where you can see them daily.


Do you take trade-ins?

Unfortunately, we do not take trade-ins on new bows or our own. However, we would love to point you in the right direction of well-known and trustworthy dealers that can provide you top value for your trade-in.