Bow Services

No matter where you are or where you play, Rodney D. Mohr can service your bow. Visit our Ohio location or contact us about sending your bow via UPS for restoration work.  A professional repairman like Rodney will put you first by listening to your concerns, performing work in a timely manner,  and treating you fairly.

Contact us today about servicing your bow needs! 

For rehairing services contact Katherine A. Mohr at



We recommend a rehair no less than annually and more often for professional musicians. All rehairs are performed with the highest quality of materials. It is important that a qualified repairman perform a rehair to ensure proper care and workmanship. 

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Repairs and Restorations

Bows are fragile and require a qualified repairman. Don't just settle for anyone. It is critical that bow restoration preserve original materials for optimum market value. 

Read more about restorations here. Contact Mohr & Mohr for expert restoration with a conservative approach!


RehairingMohr & Mohr provides appraisal updates for Rodney D. Mohr bows only. Dealer recommendations for instrument appraisals are available. Updated appraisals are recommended every three to five years with a visual inspection. 

A Certificate of Authenticity with full-color photographs and an insurance appraisal is provided with every bow purchase. 

Read more about appraisals here. Contact us today for an updated appraisal on your Rodney D. Mohr bow!