Shipping Instructions

Mohr & Mohr provides sales, restoration, repair, and rehairs for clients around the world. Your bow is every bit as important as the next and deserves expert attention. We can attend to your needs in a timely manner. Most rehairs and repairs can be completed and returned within 3 business days. Please contact us to schedule your rehair or repair prior to shipment.

It is highly recommended that bows be insured for full replacement value. Should you need insurance contact Ellis Hershman at Heritage Insurance.


Please include owner’s name, full address, and phone number. Bows being returned to a client may not be delivered to a P.O. Box. A minimum charge of $20 will be charged for shipping and handling. Please add an additional $5 for signature requirement. Should you find it necessary to ship by Federal Express, you must require a signature. Mohr & Mohr is not responsible for packages left at the door by delivery personnel.

To protect any investment, we request that bows being shipped to Mohr & Mohr be packaged in the following manner:

  1. Place the bow in a carrying case making sure that it is secure.
  2. Place the case in a PVC tube (approximate width and length of bow case) with end caps(purchased and cut to length at any hardware store).
  3. Place the PVC tube inside a triangular shipping box securing it with packing material to prevent movement within the box. Under no circumstances are bows to be shipped without requesting an adult signature. We will not be responsible for bows left outside our door that may be stolen or damaged by inclement weather. In our area UPS is more reliable than Federal Express.
  4. We require return shipments via Overnight Service for bows on approval. For all bows shipped to Mohr & Mohr, please schedule your shipment Monday through Thursday to avoid having the package sit over the weekend in the less-than-ideal environment of a shipping warehouse. In most areas, UPS or Fedex will pick up your package from your home or place of business. When scheduling a pick up, please note that most single bow shipments in triangular shipping boxes weigh 3 pounds. Both companies also offer local retail outlets for package drop-off. Follow the links below for details.

Thank you for placing your trust with Mohr & Mohr and following our safe shipping guidelines.

Payment is required at time of return shipment. Call to make a credit card payment.

If this sounds too complicated, shipping kits may be purchased directly from Mohr & Mohr for $40 (shipping included).

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