Ashland Location

Ashland ShopThe bow shop is situated in the midst of Ashland's Historic District, a short walk from Ashland University and the Ashland Theological Seminary. The City of Ashland is host to many activities throughout the year, including Balloonfest, the United Way Fun Fabulous Fridays, the Ashland Symphony, and quaint downtown shops. It also boasts its own Amish community. During the season, the Hugo Young Theater, located on the Ashland University campus, provides professional student theatrical productions and musical performances.

The bow shop houses Rodney's workshop where he makes and restores bows. The 2003-built coach house is approximately 1,500 square feet of ground floor machine room, Youtube video production, and bench space for Rodney.  While the upstairs is used for NuBow Inc's bow manufacturing, and additional bench space for visitors or bow prep. The courtyard features a beautiful fountain with brick patio. This studio located behind the Mohr's 1885 McClellan-Clark home is a restful and inspiring space to create, visit, or bird watching.

This location is reserved for sales and making, as well as the new home of Learning Trade Secrets
and NuBow Inc. Please contact us for a special appointment.

Mohr & Mohr
Rodney D. Mohr, Bow Maker
513 Center Street
Ashland, OH  44805
(419) 496-2697

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