The Masterpiece by Rodney D. Mohr


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Check out Rodney's new book!  If you enjoy woodworking, family, and a good wholesome story, you'll find it difficult to put this book down.  Rodney is one of thousands of children who struggled through school with dyslexia.  During the 1960s they didn't have a name for this so-called "disability."   Instead of addressing the issue with specialized training, Rodney was sent out to play instead of remaining in the classroom.  This didn't stop Rodney from working hard to better himself as he grew older.  Eventually, as an adult with dyslexia, he found ways to cope.  His career path and successes lead him to leadership roles that required extensive communication skills.  With persistence, his writing abilities improved over time. 

When an opportunity arose to work in Taiwan for several weeks at a time,  Rodney found that watching TV in his off hours was not very palatable.  He had been thinking about a story that was creating itself in his mind and decided he would attempt to put it down on paper.  He was an excellent storyteller just like his father.  After several years of working on the story, and some added encouragement from family and friends, he decided he wanted to take the story to the next level and hired a developmental editor. The story reached a point where it was time to try and get it published.  Here he is today, the new author of "The Masterpiece."  Here is the "blurb" from the back of the book:

When a 150-year-old Kirkman masterpiece is discovered and goes for a staggering sum at auction, Benjamin, Tab's grandfather, challenges him to create a masterpiece of his own.  As they work together in their historic workshop, Tab starts to notice his grandfather's declining health.  To complicate matters, his childhood companion returns home after a long absence.  Will she pull him out of his isolation or will she run from her past?  Tab must learn the secrets of the masters and the secrets of his heart ... before it's too late.

Get your autographed copy today!  This is not a hardback book.