Rodney D. Mohr Screw, Eyelet & E-Tuner Lubricant


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This lubricant is a must for any string player or repairman. A combination of all natural products
with no added silicone prevents it from interfering with crack repair and is very cleanable.

To use, remove the bow screw and rub a small amount along the screw length being careful not
to use an excessive amount that will create a build-up in the screw hole. Retighten the screw working the lubricant up and down the screw length. This is best done during the rehairing process
however, it can be used when necessary to help the screw turn smoothly. A nicely lubricated
screw will prolong the life of the eyelet.

Caution: This product contains nut oil and is not to be ingested. Keep away from eyes, nose
and mouth. Do not use if you have a nut allergy.

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