Purchasing a Rodney D. Mohr Bow

Sometimes it is difficult to make a decision when you have narrowed your selection to two bows. Do not feel awkward if you need a little more time to decide. Often one bow is better at something than another, whether it is more articulate or richer in sound. You should be sure of your choice and feel it is the right bow for you and your instrument. Always keep in mind that handmade bows are not only a tool, they are an investment. To keep your investment increasing in value, periodically have it checked by a professional. We are here to service you and your equipment.

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The Process

Once you have decided on a Rodney D. Mohr bow, return the other remaining bows by following the Shipping Instructions.

Pay by Check, Cash, Credit Card on Square UP (with added 3% service fee) or by phone.  All checks made payable to Mohr & Mohr. 

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