Trial Contract Agreement

Trial Contract Agreement

We apologize for the formality of requiring a Trial Contract Agreement, but Rodney's bows have been carefully handcrafted and are of considerable value. We know that our clients appreciate the hard work that has gone into every detail and like us, want to protect these bows as well as their future investment.

Mohr & Mohr is pleased to provide our clients with the ability to audition bows in a familiar environment free of stress and confinement. We charge no fee for this trial period; however, the client is responsible for all return shipping costs.

To complete the shipping process, we require a valid street address (no P.O. Box numbers), phone number, email address, and valid credit card number (including expiration date and 3-digit security code). We ship only to the billing address of the client's credit card to comply with the bank security policy.

We allow 7 days for a trial period, from the date the shipment is received by the client. We request that the client please contact us to let us know the shipment has arrived. It may be necessary to contact your insurance company to let them know you have valuable bow(s) at your residence in case of an accident.

Should the client require additional time, we ask that the client contact us and we will adjust the trial contract. Should the client need to return the bow for any reason, we ask that the bow be sent via UPS on a Monday or by Next-day Overnight Service if shipped after Monday.

Please ship Monday through Thursday only (noting holidays as well), as it is not good for bows to be sitting in a shipping warehouse during inclement weather.

Should a client fail to return a bow by the agreed due date, stated on the Trial Contract, they are financially responsible for the full value of the bow including its case and shipping tube. While the title to a bow remains with Mohr & Mohr until a purchase is made, the risk for loss or damage to an item remains the responsibility of the client while in their care. Although our business insurance will reimburse us for loss or damage, it will subrogate against the client in cases of negligence. All liability will end when Mohr & Mohr receives the items returned in good condition.

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