Learn the Prestigious Trade of Bow Making

We understand how difficult it is to find qualified, knowledgeable and respected individuals to train makers and restorers. Unfortunately, there are no schools in the United States that focus on these specific skills. Rodney eagerly awaits interested students to impart his vast knowledge, so the next generation of musicians have qualified craftsmen to keep their bows in optimal condition.

Mohr and Mohr now offers small group and individualized training to prospective bow makers and restorers near and far. This is a trade difficult to learn, requiring constant training. We are here to teach you the art of rehairing and maintenance, as well as intermediate through advanced bow making.

Rehair and Maintenance Workshops

Rehair and Maintenance WorkshopThese are the most common services needed by string players. We recommend students have some tool skills. Expect to work in small groups (bench space is limited to ten students per workshop). The duration of the workshop lasts one week and is full of extensive, hands on training. 

See the Rehairing and Maintenance Workshop details here. 


Bow Making Workshops

Immerse yourself in the knowledge of bow construction. The Mohr and Mohr name opens many doors in this field. Take it upon yourself to receive mentorship from the best at our bow making workshops. 

Students will learn about proper wood selection, style, innovative development, and tool skill refinement. Because bench space is limited to ten people, sign-up early and expect a great deal of personal attention in our one-week intensive course.

See the Bow Making Workshop details here. 

Advanced Bow Making Workshop

Rodney Mohr WorkshopThis workshop is reserved for bow makers with an already developed skill set. Make renowned musicians demand your distinguished bows with this Mohr and Mohr workshop under your belt. Rodney will enlighten you on style and tool skill refinement for a competitive market. Learn how to shine in competitions and master preparedness for any and all bow making requests. 

This workshop is highly exclusive with one week of personal one-on-one training with Rodney. We will work to meet your schedule availability.

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