"Rodney, the new bass bow you made me is fantastic! It is such an exacting tool and facilitates new levels of control and color. THANKS!"

- Mark Dresser

"Fabulous bows and bow repair. Clearly extremely knowledgeable. Bravo!"

- Joan Muellerleile

"Thank you so much for your beautiful work on my Sartory. It feels great now and sounds wonderful!!"

- Amy Barlowe Bodman

"Your workshop changed my life! Thanks for all the hospitality and knowledge. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn a proper tidy rehair!!!"

- Jeremy Bartel
The Baroque Violin Shop 
Cincinnati, OH

"You're the man Rodney! Awesome!"

- Tim Hulley
Hulley Violins 
Ottowa, Canada

"So glad to have this bow!! It has changed everything!!"

- Adrian Vaughn Walker